Gambar di Thailand International Motor Expo 2015

Gambar di Thailand International Motor Expo 2015 yang berlangsung pada 3-13 Disember 2015.

"Huge crowds throng the 32nd Thailand International Motor Expo 2015 here, drawn to various sales promotions as visitors started buying vehicles in anticipation of a hike in car prices next year.

The increase in prices for Thai passenger cars and trucks is due to a new excise tax structure that will start from Jan 1, 2016.

Under the new tax structure, a vehicle will be taxed according to its rate of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions instead of engine displacement. Cars that emit less carbon dioxide will have a lower tax rate.

Held from Dec 3 to Dec 13, the motor expo is spread out over a total display area of over 100,000 sq metres, attracting more than 1.5 million visitors.

The event’s organiser Inter-Media Consultant Co Ltd predicted vehicle bookings at the motor expo to hit 50,000 units for cars and 3,000 units for big bikes, resulting in sales of over 55 billion baht (RM6.46bil). The exhibitors include 33 car marques from 11 countries and 15 motorcycle brands from eight countries." | Sumber

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